Shoulder Widening

A new safety initiative currently under review by RMS and local road authorities, shoulder widening has proven safety benefits and is a feasible method of increasing safety within any road corridor.


Provide shoulder widening/strengthening in a safe, quick and cost effective manner, with minimal disruption to traffic.

Full service shoulder widening

  • Incorporate 1 m profiler; bobcat with road widener attachment, 4 in 1 bucket, and broom; trucks to remove spoils and import new materials either asphalt or gravel road base; pad foot rollers; steel drum rollers and multi tyre rollers, sealing for shoulder, and traffic management
  • 1 contact for full service shoulder widening program

Utilise specialised equipment

  • Hire bobcat and operator with any combination of attachments, shoulder widening, profiler, power broom, 4 in 1 bucket and grader attachment
  • Hire with any combination of machine to enhance productivity and safety
  • Incorporate our experience and machinery with your crew to increase crew knowledge and skill level in shoulder widening.
  • Minimise cost, hire only plant you require while incorporating own machinery.
  • Less impact on community, shoulder widener is small enough to minimise disruption to local traffic while performing efficiently


  • Widening of roads increases road users safety and increases longevity of road way
  • All operators are trained in safe road construction
  • Safe Operating Procedures and Safe Work Method Statements with Environmental Protection Plans are included prior to any works being carried out
  • Access to the right machine for the job
  • All machines are fully maintained, registered and RMS approved
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