Designed and developed by Stabilcorp, the ShoulderMaster is Australia’s first universal skid steer paver attachment designed specifically for the purposes of rehabilitating and widening the shoulders of roads.

The innovative ShoulderMaster skid steer paver attachment has been identified as ‘the future of road safety’ in Australia.

ShoulderMaster was unveiled for the first time in NSW at the 2015 Civenex Expo in Sydney and received an award by the Institute of Public Engineering Australasia (IPWEA) for innovation, increasing the safety of roads in known black spot areas throughout Australia by repairing road shoulder edge breaks and widening narrow roads quickly and efficiently.

There is no other commercially available Australian made/manufactured equivalent to the universal ShoulderMaster skid steer paver attachment, making this innovation a first in Australia.

The ShoulderMaster has claimed its position in the road maintenance industry and is guaranteed to be the most cost effective way to repair and widen road shoulders ever seen before.

MCRS is now providing local Council’s with an innovative way to provide motorists with safer roads. Since introducing ShoulderMaster into our services, MCRS have been working closely with a number of NSW and interstate councils. One council Kempsey Shire Council has employed us to widen the shoulder of roads in the Kempsey/Crescent Head region.

Kempsey Shire Council Works Manager – Tony Green said :

“Kempsey Council have been using MCRS new shoulder paver for the last 3 weeks widening shoulders on Crescent Head Rd and have found the operation well suited and a cost effective method of repairing shoulders, with the shoulder paver being able to lay up to 100m/hr of asphalt shoulders at 1.0m wide. The shoulder paver can also lay gravel shoulders.”

“Council is impressed with how clean and tidy the whole operation is performed, leaving only a small clean-up of the road at the end of the works, whilst leaving an upgraded shoulder which can be trafficked on at the end of the day.”